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The Tomichi Pet Care Center Strives to provide compassionate and individualized care to every patient.  We enjoy working with owners to form the best healthcare partnership possible for their furry family members.

Services include:

Routine Preventative Health Care Maintenance 

Physical Examinations, Owner Education, Nutritional Assessments, Vaccinations, Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Testing, Parasite Prevention Programs (Fleas,Ticks, Heartworm, and Intestinal parasites), Behavioral Assessments, Dental Assessments, Dental Cleanings, Ear Cleanings, Nail Trims, and more.

Advanced Veterinary Medical Care and Full Service Animal Hospital

The Tomichi Pet Care Center is a full service animal hospital.  Dr. Steffanie Jacobson is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist whose expertise is matched only by her passion for veterinary care.  She has been providing advanced veterinary medical care to the Gunnison Valley, Crested Butte, and Lake City for over 13 years.  The hospital is very well equipped for most medical and surgical procedures, with state-of–the–art anesthetic monitors and gas anesthesia machines, general and dental x-ray machines, an ultrasound unit, endoscopes, blood pressure monitors, chemistry analyzer, electrocardiograms and more.


Surgery is approached with the utmost in care.  There is a dedicated surgical suite and sterile technique is followed to the letter.  Pain management is delivered using multiple protocols (locals, opiods, NSAIDs, general gas anesthesia).  By using a variety of options together, fewer side effects are observed because we can give less of each agent, while still keeping patients comfortable.  Patient comfort and well-being are our highest priority. 

Dr. Steffanie Jacobson, - Routine Canine and Feline Spays/Neuters, Routine Soft Tissue Surgery, Surgical Dental Extractions and Mucosal Flaps.

Dr. Steven Gentry, DABVP - Orthopedic and Soft tissue Surgical Specialist - available for more involved surgeries.


Dental Assessments, Cleanings, and X-rays; Dental Bonded Sealants; Routine and Surgical Dental Extractions and Associated Mucosal Flaps.

Microchip Insertion - AKC‘s “Companion Animal Recovery”

Join the millions of people who have invested in their long term bond with their pets.  Microchips are a very safe form of pet identification that does not fall off and is not easily removed.  These microchips are instrumental in helping veterinarians and shelters reunite pets with their owners.  One out of 3 pets will be lost in their lifetime - don't be caught off guard, protect your pet.

Emergency services

If your pet has an emergency you are in very capable hands with Dr. Jacobson and her veterinary team.  After completing her Doctorate at Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr.Jacobson pursued an internship at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine followed by residency training at The Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston where she received extensive training in emergency and critical care medicine.  Allpets Animal Referral Center in Boulder, CO also provided a wealth of experience in emergency and critical care management.  Over the many years of operating the Tomichi Pet Care Center, countless animals have had life or limb saving care through our emergency services.  Like many other small animal hospitals, the capacity to see emergencies is sometimes limited due to ongoing surgeries or prior emergencies in progress.  Although we have not designated our practice as an emergency hospital (because it is not possible for one doctor to be available at all times), we welcome the opportunity to help with as many emergencies as we can.

Veterinary Pharmacy

The Tomichi Pet Care Center maintains a broad array of trusted, properly stored and handled medications. In addition to our wide selection of pharmaceuticals we incorporate weight management, nutritional guidelines, exercise, massage, physical therapy, and most importantly TLC, into the treatment plans of our patients.  We feel it is always important to treat the whole patient - often referred to as holistic care.

Prescription and Non-prescription Pet Food and Supplies

Tomichi Pet Care maintains a wide selection of Hill’s Prescription Diets and Science Diet products (anything we don’t have can be special ordered).  Numerous nutritional supplements are also available, including: Dasuquin w/ MSM - joint supplements; AllerG-3 - omega 3 fish oil capsules; Hyliderm - hypoallergenic shampoo; Allerpet rinse - removes pet dander and antigens that cause human allergies to pets; Laxatone -  hairball remedy; Greenies Dental Treats and Pill pockets; Virbac's C.E.T. oral hygiene chews – rawhide type chews with anti-tartar enzymes; etc...

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  • "Dr. Jacobson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
    George S. / Gunnison, CO

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